At Maverick Drum Supply, we believe in offering our customers consistent professional
service at a fair price.  Your company can have all drum removal and drum disposal
needs resolved with Maverick Drum Supply…

Since 1987, we’ve been a well known professional Houston drum removal and drum
Disposal Company.  We specialize in the removal and disposal of empty drums on
various large and small commercial and residential sites around Houston.  From oil
refineries to construction sites, to residential properties, we remove and dispose of Drums
in Houston and all the surrounding areas.     

Our services include removal, disposal and recovery of empty drums including:

Houston Steel Drums – Houston Steel Drum Removal – Houston Steel Drum Disposal –
Houston Drum Disposal – Houston Drum Removal – Houston Metal Drum Disposal –
Metal Drum Removal - Houston Plastic Drum Disposal - Houston Reconditioned Drums -
Houston Chemical Drum Disposal - Houston Oil Drums – Houston Oil Drum Disposal -
Houston Resin Drums - * Houston Hazard Waste Drums – * Houston Hazardous Waste
Drum Disposal - Houston 55 Gallon Drums disposal - Houston 30 Gallon Drum removal -
Poly Container Removal – Houston Chemical Drum Transportation - Empty Drum
disposal and removal company in Houston.

- Licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Water
Commission since 1987

- Maverick Drum Supply’s Texas Water Commission Transporter Identification Number is

- Our EPA identification Number is TXD982290447

*We are certified to pick up hazardous waste drums that have been triple rinsed
according to EPA drum waste guidelines.  

From removing the drum to proper disposal of the drum, Maverick Drum Supply Co.
makes sure that its clients receive professional service and that their drums are properly
handled and processed.”
Maverick Drum Supply